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Jasa Pembuatan Website

1st July 2016

Joshua Web Solutions memberikan layanan jasa pembuatan website dan jasa desain website. Kami sudah berpengalaman selama lebih dari 7 tahun dalam pembuatan website dan desain website. Joshua Web Solutions berlokasi di Jakarta.

Design SEO Friendly

Design website kami juga memperhatikan SEO (SEO Friendly) dan website yang kami buat telah teruji memiliki loading web yang cepat dan ringan, sehingga memudahkan pelanggan untuk mengakses website.

Design Responsive

Jika website dibuka dengan HP / Smart Phone, Tablet, dan lain-lain, maka tampilan website akan tetap bagus dan rapi menyesuaikan ukuran layar gadget yang digunakan untuk browsing.

Tim kami yang profesional dan memiliki etos kerja yang baik akan siap untuk membuat website bagi Anda. Tim support kami yang ramah dan siap siaga juga siap untuk membantu Anda menggunakan website bahkan setelah website tersebut sudah berjalan.

Build a Web Page in No Time

15th November 2015

How to build a web page is the first thing you need to know in web design because a website is a number of web pages that connected together in single site using links. Therefore, before you go with the complicated, it is better if you learn the simpler first. If you really need a very simple one, some methods could help you build web page in no time.

The easiest method to build web page is something we called web design template. Template is customizable pre-design web. The set-up could be very simple or complicated depend on web developer who create it. The setting may include page separation, placement, color, fonts, images, etc. You can easily personalize the page with changing colors, fonts, images, and various tools.

Web template is very handy for beginner who do not even know html. Sometime, experienced web designers also use template to make their work faster. The key is cleverly customizing the template so it would not like a template at the end.

When template is too boring for you, using html editor make building web page very easy with unique result. Unlike template, you can do more with html editor. You can make the page reflects your branding in a better way. In the market, you can find various html editors that will help you achieve your goal. Most of them come with guidance so it would not too hard to understand the program.

Those two options above are very helpful in building web page quickly. However, there are limitations on the control you can do. When you want more control over the web page, a quick way option is writing your own html code. Typing html code does not required sophisticated program. In fact, you can simply use text editor. However, you need to have knowledge in html code and language to do it well.

Web Design Tips for Beginner

15th October 2015

Web design is actually very complicated work; especially people are now looking for beautiful and user-friendly website. Therefore, web designer become promising job because not everyone could make outstanding web. Yet, even the pro started it from the bottom. When have interest about web design but do not know where to start, check out some tips below.

The first thing to do is learning html. Understanding html is imperative for every web designer. In general, html use tags with markers to tell what and how to display text, images, links, and other things to browser. To show the title, to make the font bold, to identify paragraph, image placement, and to put links on the page are simple example of things you can do with html. HTML is also useful in connecting web pages using link. The common link tag form is <a href=”…”></a>

HTML uses various symbols, words, and abbreviations in specific structure to make tags so browser understands what to do. Practice is the best way to understand HTML quickly. To know what will happen, you can type the code on text editor and then try it on your browser. You do not need internet connection to try your code. However, HTML only show static look on the browser. To make it beautiful, stylish, and interactive, you need to learn the other language such as CSS. It will take longer time to learn it but if you practice often, you can understand it faster. Combining HTML with other language will make your website decent.

After you know how to make web pages and connect it into a website, you are ready to make your first website. Nevertheless, before you create a website you need to define website purpose, website structure, basic layout, and basic scheme to guide you reach your goal. Before you create the website, it would be better if you write and finalize the text for the website on word processor because editing text in HTML is more complicated.

Tips for Newbie Web Designer

15th September 2015

The development of the web that so quickly turns requires us to be able to move quickly to follow suit. The existence of trends, technologies, and methods are changing rapidly would make the web designer was never comfortable to sit in front of computers because they have to learn many new things in accordance with the existing developments. For those who are lazy to follow the development of web design, they certainly should get its consequences and risks. Therefore, for you who want to become a newbie web designer and plan to take a career in web design sector, there are some tips that might help you.

As a beginner web designer, you should begin the process of learning about web design starting from the easiest thing. By taking this step, the target will be easier to achieve so that you can motivate for further progress to the next stage. You can start by learning about the basics of graphic design as well as software to be used in image editing application. Additionally, you should not forget to keep reading various things related to web designs from books, tutorials, blogs, and other media. You can learn about the basics of HTML or CSS that would be useful for the development of your web design later.

You should also prepare a timeline for what will be studied and the target time required to complete a subject. With the timeline, you will be helped to be more focused and stay on track you have specified. In addition, you should also be able to focus. As a newbie web designer, you will definitely see many distractions that will divert your attention to your initial destination. In this case, you should be able to stay focused on the timeline that has been made.

In the learning process, it is possible that there are many obstacles and problems will be encountered. You can join a forum that will help you find the answer to the problems you face related to web design or other things that you learn. With having best spirit, you will successfully pass the beginner stage as a successful web designer.

Tips on Web Design to Provide Comfort for Visitors

15th August 2015

Design can give a first impression for your web visitors so the good or bad web design in the eyes of visitors should be one important aspect that needs to be considered. Moreover, a good web design could also be a reflection of the web content that has a good quality. Design on a website or blog should have an attractive appearance and appealing to visitors so that visitors will be keen to re-visit to your website. In making a good and qualified web design, of course, it has no only an attractive appearance but also provide comfort for your visitors.

Here is a little guidance and tips that can be a reference for you in web design to provide comfort for visitors:

The first thing to consider in web design is to examine what kind of design that will be according to the website that you manage. In this case, there is nothing wrong if you are looking for some reference to know some design options that are suitable with a topic that you would apply to your blog or website. By doing this, you can get some idea about what kind of design is suitable and compatible with topics on your website.

In addition, you should also pay attention on the functionality and benefits of widgets, links, or anything that will appear on your website. You should position yourself as a visitor and see if the various widgets or links that you show will be necessary or only make the visitors feel uncomfortable. You should show the things that are needed in order to display your web design could provide comfort and usability for visitors.

Another consideration in the design of the web so that visitors can feel comfortable is located on the effectiveness and simplicity that exist on the website. Most site visitors generally liked the look simple but effective. You should select what facilities it needs to be displayed or not on the blog and site so that the site will look simple but still provide effective for visitors.

You should also not forget about the easy navigation so that visitors can feel comfortable. You should also pay attention to the look of web design to make it to be more interesting and refreshing eye for visitors such as by providing images and icon, choosing colours, fonts, use of language, or the margin and padding. Another thing that can make visitors comfortable is to create responsive web design in which the site will be easily accessible on any device like on PC, tablet, smartphone, or mobile phone.